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LGBT Truckers is here for you, We want to be a part of your community and represent you the best way we can. Were Proud to be the first Gay Pride representation of PRIDE in the Trucking Industry with the LGBT Truckers Wrapped truck. We strive to give a voice to others who for far to long have been silent or weve lost along the way and are no longer here to tell the stories of the long road we have traveled!

“One Voice” 

The voice WE are, The voice that’s being heard is not one person, LGBT Truckers is speaking out, Talking with others & creating awareness, loud and Proud.  Give recognition to the people that we’ve lost along the way.  Who can’t tell their stories,  Giving a voice to people that may never have the courage to come out, but showing them life can be ok if they do.  We’re the Voice of Truckers, the future & The Voice of Love.  Gay, Bi, lesbian, Straight, Transgender,  We are Love for all, family, friends, LGBT community & a safe haven for others.  Here to talk freely and be themselves.  Life over the road is hard, demanding & lonely. But we’re here, a family of Truckers that knows exactly what you’re dealing with daily.   Were the same as everyone else & we have the best office window in the world that’s forever changing.  Sometimes the miles can be so loud, And we find who we are.   My goal with LGBT Truckers, Is to take us further  So let’s create awareness, Let’s lift each other up, And step out and let the Voices be heard.  Were planning to be a part of Gay Pride events, maybe a yearly cookout & doing fundraising.  We plan to start a Truck Driver segment monthly on the Page interviewing Truckers & hearing your stories.  But none of this can be done without you, coming together at events and supporting one another’s journey, to be heard all as “One Voice” 

“Together We Can Make a Difference”

LGBT Truckers

Written by Bobby Loy, Admin/PR & event coordinator  





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